Media Insights - Ta bedre beslutninger ved å samarbeide og lære av nyhetene

Media Insight that gives you full control of whats reported around your interests

Monitor what is published about your industry, your company or your competitors. High freedom of choice and no binding times make our news feeds very popular.

The feed is private so it is only you and your invited colleagues who can see and comment on the content. You can choose whether a sentiment analysis is to be done on the content and if need exists of more advanced searches and individual monitoring.

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Hva annet skriver om virksomheten din?

Njus hjelper deg med å følge alt som er skrevet om deg.

Increase your sales with Njus

Use Njus Media Insight to find out what is happening at your sales prospects and customers. Use the information to reach out and show that you are updated and that you care. Your sales representatives have individual notifications so the customer base can be divided among your staff.

No commitment - cancel anytime!

We believe in building value for our customers instead of locking them up in long-term contracts. Just stop paying and the contract is automatically cancelled (after a while).

Already stuck with a contract? Contact and we will give away Njus for free during your contract time with a competitor.

Free support

Do you need help to set up the company names, brands, competitors and keywords? No worry - we will help you for free. Just contact

Media Insights for everyone - select your product

Free feed


Everyone can create free news feeds.

  • 5 search tags (not brands/companies)
  • 5 users**
  • Comments**
  • Own posts**
  • 1 month history***
Media Insights

Silver - $99 / month

An simpler monitoring for you who want control over what is happening in the general perspective.

  • 15 search tags
  • 10 users
  • Push Notifications
  • Own posts
  • Daily summary (email)
  • 6 months history***
  • Free support
Media Insights

Gold - $290 / month

A little more advanced logic, up to 30 users and more search terms makes this product suitable for medium-sized companies.

  • Everything included in Silver
  • 25 search tags
  • 30 users
  • Press Releases
  • Twitter
  • Own news sources
  • 12 months history***
  • Free support
Mest verdi
Media Insights

Platinum - $490 / month

This product has everything and fits the big company and the smaller ones who want advanced features.

  • Everything included in Gold
  • 500 search tags
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Comments
  • Departments
  • Facebook
  • Image Search
  • Mer innhold
  • Use in your own intranet
  • No time limit***
  • Free support
  • 15 % rabatt på årlig betaling

The montly fee is fixed and you are guaranteed to have the same amount for at least 5 years.

** available only in private news feeds.

*** History means that content, posts and comments that is older than that period will be deleted automatically.

Platinum only

Brand Watch & Image Search

We are monitoring the use of your images and alerts you when a new webpage is using it. We will also report on how your media coverage is compared to your competitor brands.

Platinum only

Mer innhold

In the case where the media house allows, we will deliver the whole article on Njus. We will also make sure that there are no missed news articles about your company on the web that we might have missed.

Gold + Platinum

Own news sources

Add your own news sources if they are not indexed by Njus officially. It could be your own website or any other website. If there is a RSS-feed we will use that to create articles in your private newsroom, otherwise we will tell about that there has been a changed on the website you should have a look at.

Any website, blog or forum can be monitored for you. Together with all the news, social media and press relases.

Platinum only

Use in your own intranet

Publish the news feed from Njus on your intranet or website by using either a RSS-feed or use our API to export the content. Information about how to access this is found under Settings.

Platinum only

Full control with Njus Query Language (NQL)

You can use a very simple query language to set up your search parameters which will find articles for your feed. Very easy to understand.

Platinum only

Easy to make a clear navigation

Set up as many pages you want within a feed to build up your information structure. Your users can easilly navigate between different subjects that are built up by your search terms.

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